Shanghai Research Center On Aging
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Global annually newly-increased 75 million, overpopulation harm than nature disaster  
Jiangsu Province: To fit legislative provisions that Elders shall have the right to refuse their children’ economic sponsorship  
Nearly Half of elders in Liaoning Province are live-alone /widows or orphans  
In China, Population of Elders Over 80-year-old reaches to 19 Millions, Disabled is 10.36Millions, semi-disabled reaches to 21.23M.  
Elderly population in Jiangsu rose to 17%  
Population aging and housing : two challenges Chinese Government faced with  
Problems of Chinese pension system and the way out  
Daily Care of AD  
Research Revealed that 97.1% people confirmed there are someone with Parents separation  
Old-aged industrialization  
Whether the housing market of elders could make it embrace its springtime  
us researchers found the method to slow down alzheimer's process  
Aging in Japan and deficit  
Experts Claim"getting elder before being rich"will be the most important Challenge of the 12th Five  
Who will be the Caregiver for elders